Get to know your customers again

You have known your customers and markets for a long time. But small changes in the market are enough to create more opportunities tomorrow. Therefore, you would like to critically review your current portfolio and strategic target groups or define new ones.

Do you need external specialists who conduct independent research and provide you with solid information?

Our services for cable manufacturers

We see ourselves as an interface between the developers and the marketing department. We therefore offer the following services to cable manufacturers:

SWOT analysis of the portfolio

You may have been successful with your portfolio for many years, but at the moment you are no longer entirely satisfied with sales. Then now is the time for our comprehensive SWOT analysis of your product portfolio: We determine for you whether and how you should adapt individual products; or whether it makes more sense to define new strategic target groups - new customer groups or sales markets.

Knowing the concrete needs

New customer groups and new markets initially require high investments. Before you make a decision, you should be able to realistically assess the opportunities. You will receive solid information from us: we estimate, for example, how huge the demand for your product is in a targeted sales market. And we determine for you which competitors are already active in this market.

Technical requirements of new customer groups

Knowing the theoretical needs is good; knowing the technical requirements of a market or industry is just as important. This requires detailed knowledge; for example, which materials may be used in a defined sales market for cables in medical equipment - and which may not.

Accompanying product development

You need to customize one of your products to reach new target-groups and markets. This is the result of analyzing your portfolio. Then you should already be thinking about the necessary certifications. An important question here is: Is it better to develop a single new cable for several markets? Or to offer several cable variants that meet the requirements of different markets? We will be happy to consult with you.

Market launch

Your marketing professionals know what to do to bring the new products to market: Technical data sheets, product brochures, announcements in trade journals and online. But they need a lot of information to do that. They are not satisfied with technical details, they want more: For which applications are the cables suitable? How do users benefit from an innovation? And much more.
We are happy to act as intermediaries between development and marketing.

Concerns after the launch

This can happen to the best cable manufacturer: After extensive analysis you have started to export to a new market. But things are not going as you had planned, and you ask yourself: What are the reasons? Which measures are the right ones?

The best way to ask that is to ask external consultants. We are not interested in who made which mistakes; instead, we take a fresh look at the market, its requirements and the specifics of the customer group.

Your benefits from a consulting by SHI Kabel:

New sales markets and customer groups

You increase revenue and profit by identifying new opportunities for the existing portfolio.

Minimizing business risks

Negative trends in a segment of the sales market are a risk for any company. By diversifying your sales markets and customers, you reduce it.


You benefit from the know-how we have acquired over the past decades in numerous product management projects.


Before your important decision to invest in new products, markets or customer groups, you will receive solid information and an independent second opinion from us.

Contact person

To be open and frank, our product management services may overlap with our exclusive partnerships. This is why we are only available to a limited extent here.

The best way to find out whether we can support you with a clear conscience is to have an initial consultation.

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