Insights from your flood of data

Your company generates additional data every day. Are you already leveraging their potential to better understand your business processes, for example?
Our partner company SHI Software knows the right tools to extract insights from your data.

Services from SHI for cable manufacturers

SHI provides cable manufacturers with the analytics of big data from a single source. This is possible, because the SHI Group includes not only cable specialists, but also experts with decades of experience in search and analytics technologies. Cable manufacturers benefit, for example, from the following services:

Analytics for intelligent cables and wires

Good services pay off for you and your customers. In the case of cables in cable tracks, for example, it is important to avoid downtimes in production. This is made possible by so-called intelligent cables, which provide information about their condition and aging process at all times.

With our analytics tools, we support you in offering predictive maintenance to your customers: You not only analyze the historical data of the cables, but also make predictions and prevent problems before they arise for the customer. So you replace the cable in a cable track before the machine breaks down.

Efficient manufacturing with industry 4.0

Using Excel or other programs, you try to find out from the data of your manufacturing execution how you can optimize processes? Are you considering generating more data by networking your machines? Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 are the well-known buzzwords for this.

As experts for analytics, we not only know how to collect and evaluate data, but also how to visualize and correlate huge amounts of data. For example, you can reduce costs as well as waste and optimize the quality of your cables.

Customers find your cables online

To search for, find and order cables, your customers are increasingly using the manufacturers' websites. They are used to a quick and easy search from B2C online shops. And they appreciate receiving suitable offers there as well.
As experts for on-site search, we make sure your B2B web presence offers the same customer experience.

Well-informed employees

In order to work efficiently, your employees always need quick access to all relevant information. However, this information is stored in numerous data silos in different file formats. And you have to guarantee that only authorized staff can access the specific data.

We have already implemented many enterprise search and compliance projects in various industries, and we are also happy to support you as a cable manufacturer.

How you benefit from SHI: Search & Analytics

Optimized manufacturing

You discover weak points and outliers in your process chains. On this basis, you initiate optimization measures.


Intelligent algorithms allow you to perform predictive analysis. You initiate countermeasures in plenty of time before any potential interruptions occur.

More efficient workflows

All relevant data is brought together in a global search engine that offers user-friendly search and filter options. This allows your employees to access information more quickly.

Using data from multiple sources

We integrate data of all kinds: machine data, files from the file system, data from databases or other sources; structured and unstructured. From the combination of these, we can identify important information.

Powerful search & analytics systems

We use state-of-the-art technologies that enable nearly real-time search.

Flexible solutions

As open source experts, we adapt the software to your specific requirements and develop it accordingly.

Contact person

Before you start a search or analytics project, would you like to test how you can better leverage the potential of your data?

Then you've come to the right place, because we work with the fail fast process. We would be happy to present our approach to you in an initial consultation without obligation.


Patricia Kraft

Senior Consultant Search & Analytics at SHI Software

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