Increasing productivity -

with our introductory offer

As a cable manufacturer you are responsible for ensuring that the figures balance. In order for you to reduce your costs, increase productivity and improve your results, we have put together an introductory offer. It provides to you suggestions for simple, easy to implement measures.

The services in our introductory offer

Over the years, something has snuck in, so that your company is no longer as profitable as it used to be. As a result, you are no longer exploiting your full potential. The figures are no longer as good as they used to be, and competitiveness suffers. But you are skeptical about external consultants.

 We have therefore developed an offer for you, so that you can get to know us with little effort and with special conditions. With the following three steps you will get some first important results from us:


Desk - Research

We take a close look at the following information that you provide us with:

  • the last three annual financial statements
  • background documents on the product portfolio
  • financial projections

We also research other information that is publicly available.


On site

We come to you so that we get to know you and your company properly. We bring the following agenda with us:

  • factory tour
  • interview with 2-3 managers
  • initial analysis
  • discussing the first results with you at a brief workshop


Report and outlook

With our report you will then have solid results in your hands:

  • description of the situation
  • starting points for an advanced analysis
  • suggestions for initial measures so that you can quickly improve your results.

Our expertise - your benefits

We bundle all competencies around cables and wires. This is why you will find both technical and business management experts with many years of experience in the industry at SHI Kabel.

Get to know us and get access to following benefits:

From the field and for practical use

We are well versed in the cable industry

We know the technology, the market and the figures.

We are a small team:

everyone has a different set of eyes through which he looks at your company. Together we can therefore help you comprehensively and quickly.

We don't wear ties:

instead we roll up our sleeves. We do not overwhelm you with PowerPoint slides and thick analysis reports. We meet you and your employees on equal footing.

We are two-handed

We are consultants and supporters.

We don't only analyse. We do not leave you unsupported with the insights you've gained.

We also support you in the most important part when it comes to improving your results - the implementation. We moderate and accompany the improvement projects.

With us, you can keep the momentum going, stay focused despite your daily business and constructively navigate even through difficult phases.

Contact person

We are looking forward to discussing details of our introductory offer with you at a virtual meeting. Let us know when you have time.

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