All aspects to keep in mind when selecting a machine

A new machine requires a big investment. It is therefore important that manufacturing runs smoothly right from the start. In addition, the equipment must be state of the art so that it also pays off in the long term.

Would you like a second opinion before finishing the decision making process on a new machine?

Our services for cable manufacturers

We do not receive any commission and have no other agreements with suppliers. So you can rely on us to provide you with an independent second opinion. Our only interest is that you choose the machine you actually need. In order for you to make an informed decision we can support you with the following services:

Identify the need

We start by determining your needs. Should an old machine be replaced to make manufacturing more efficient? Would you like to expand your existing plant? Or are you planning to launch new products for which you need a new machine?

Specification sheet

To obtain professional offers, we will compile the specifications in consultation with you. Key aspects are the technology you need for your purposes and the total costs associated with procurement. We also define the interfaces required to work with other machines in your plant and the exact space requirements.

Evaluation of offers

We check and compare the different offers so that you can make the right decision. In addition to certification, we also pay attention to long-term profitability. The costs for maintenance, material consumption and much more are reviewed.

Procurement negotiations

Suppliers are just as important as technology and costs. So we are also reviewing them: Do they have the capacity and know-how to handle this important project for you? In consultation with you, we also negotiate the installation with the suppliers and clarify the time and financing planning.

Approval and putting the machine into operation

Even at the end of the project we are still there for you. We will support you during commissioning and approval of the new machine. We make sure that the approval criteria, which we have discussed with you beforehand and defined with the supplier of the machine, are adhered to.

Your benefits from a consultation with SHI Kabel:


You do not need a new machine every day. But for us, machine procurement is routine. You therefore benefit from our expertise, which we have acquired in numerous projects in the cable industry.

Having in mind your employees

Selecting a machine requires a lot of time. During procurement we make sure that your employees have enough time for their usual daily operations.

Good planning reduces costs

During commissioning, it becomes clear whether or not the procurement was efficent. Since we know what is important during the planning phase, you can make a well-informed decision.

Tailored machines

The manufacturing process runs smoothly with the new machine, as all machines are precisely matched to your requirements and integrated into the overall equipment.

Contact person

You do not need the complete package of services? But you would like to pick and mix different steps?

So let's just talk about how we can assist you with machine procurement.

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