SHI Kabel – Who we are and how we work

We are experts for cables and wires. And we have high expectations of ourselves when we work with you.

What you can expect from us

Our philosophy is that we all benefit from a long-lasting customer relationship. We get to know your company and its specifics thoroughly , so that our support is customized to your needs.

The basis for this is mutual trust. That is why we attach great importance to:


As a cable manufacturer, you know how important the quality of your products is. Quality and professionalism are also important when it comes to consulting. Only then can you take the measures to ensure long-term business success.

Continuous development

We want you to make progress with your company and therefore we are continuously developing ourselves. We participate in standardization committees and regularly attend conferences and other events within the industry.


The manufacturing of cables requires precision and technical know-how. It demands specialists who work together and pursue a common purpose. As we are enthusiastic about this, we have acquired this expert knowledge over many decades.


You can also entrust us with special tasks and extensive projects. If necessary, we will bring a partner on board. Therefore we have a network which we foster with pleasure. The partners also work with you according to our philosophy.

The SHI Kabel team

We are a small, efficient team. And we will stay that way. It enables us to exchange ideas intensively and to work with our customers. So we do not provide you with off-the-peg advice, but we respond individually to your specific requirements.

Both owners of SHI Kabel can look back on almost 30 years of experience with cables. As a cable manufacturer, you benefit from the knowledge we have acquired on many different projects.

Thomas Hoffmann

After eight years in the profession, and a trip to Australia with a friend from university, he founded his first company. They started offering engineering services from their living room. Over the years, the SHI Group developed from this. Since 2003, SHI Kabel & Co. KG based in Austria has been part of this Group.


Werner Pfeiffer

He began his career in the cable and wire industry straight after completing his training as an industrial engineer. Initially he worked in the development department of Gebauer & Griller; afterwards, as product manager at Kabelwerk Huber & Drott, he got to know all the details of cable manufacturing. He has been co-owner and managing director of the company since SHI Kabel was established in Austria in 2003.

The SHI Group – more than cables

Cable technology for the industry was at the beginning when Thomas Hoffmann founded his first company more than 25 years ago. The following years were characterized by the courage to change and sustainable growth. This is how the SHI Group was founded. In addition to SHI Kabel GmbH & Co. KG belong to it:

SHI Software

SHI GmbH & Co. KG ensures that the knowledge that bubbles up from data sources becomes useful for successful business decisions.

SHI Gebäudetechnik

Computer technology and microelectronics have also been used in our craft for a long time. In addition to classic electrical installations, innovative technologies are becoming more and more important. Both have to be combined and used purposefully to make customer wishes come true.

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