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UL Listing or recognized, nationally recognized or harmonized type, BauPVO et cetera: It is difficult to keep track of what is required in which market. In addition, you also must meet the requirements for these certifications - for example, for the material.

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Our services for cable manufacturers

There are many reasons why you should concern yourself with standards and guidelines: For example, so that you can market your nationally proven products internationally. Or because you are currently developing a special solution that the customer will use in a new market. Whatever the situation - we support you with the following services:

Define certifications

It is not always sufficient for the products to comply with the guidelines in the sales market. In addition, for a successful distribution it can be crucial to meet standards or other criteria that customers expect.
We research and then work with you to determine which certifications are required and which are advisable. We will also be happy to work out the associated costs for you.

Clarify requirements

Knowing what's being asked before the test: In the case of certifications, this is not only legitimate, but necessary in order to be efficient.
That is why we tell you which compounds and other materials your product must or must not contain. This is important above all, but not only for fire protection. In addition, we show you the manufacturing process that you must prove for the to pass.

Timetables for the certification processes

You decide for yourself at which phase of the certification we should support you, and we then draw up the appropriate timetable: We accompany you on a long-term basis and show you the entire testing procedure; for example, if you have to produce and test several samples. But we are also there for you if you need detailed information on special questions.

Contacts with testing institutes

We know the relevant testing institutes for national and international certifications not only on paper, but from our own experience with many projects. We are very proud of this experience. So, you can save yourself time searching the testing institutes for the right contact for your request.

Your benefits from a consulting by SHI Kabel:

New markets

You open up additional regional markets for your existing portfolio by having the necessary approvals available.

Relief for the employees

Your employees can concentrate on important tasks such as development. They receive all information for the certifications from us.

Safety and security

Your cables and wires are compliant with the standards and guidelines in the sales market.


We keep ourselves continuously informed about new requirements. This is why we are always up to date when it comes to certifications.

Reduce time and costs

The search for relevant standards and guidelines as well as responsible test institutes is time-consuming and cost intensive. Let us help you save time and money.


With UL approvals for the North American market and many other certifications, we have gained extensive experience in numerous cable and wire projects.

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Do you need comprehensive information about certifications, requirements and testing institutes? Or is it about a concrete standard in a new market?

In all these cases we are there for you. Just let us know how we can support you.

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