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This service is only available to a limited extent - see the following text!This service is only available to a limited extent - see the following text!

What is it? /What it is

Opening markets and preparing customer groups or specific customers for your products.
The sale remains with you. Only for long-term customers, we also take on very specific sales support activities.
And of course EXCLUSIVE

What is our task?
We constantly analyze the markets, demands and legal changes. Based on this basic knowledge, we can clarify the market opportunities for you that for regions, specific products or given customers.
For long-term cooperation, we also offer specific sales support activities
What do you get with technical sales management from SHI CABLE?
- More sales

What`s our approach?

The basis is our database and market overview
You determine your additional target market
We work out specific steps and opportunities portfolios in consultation or with information from your sales department.
For about 15 years we have maintained an exclusive partnership with Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke GmbH and ICS Industrial Cables Slovakia spol.s.r.o. in the following product areas:

G&G: Bus cables for industrial automation and Industrial Ethernet
• ICS: (high) flexible industrial cables

Therefore, we can not offer consulting services in these areas, but we are happy to support other areas such as: Rubber lines, silicone cables, etc. at your disposal.


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