Requirements Designed Construction


What is it? /What it is

Translation of customers or technical requirements into the cable

What is our task?

We implement your needs in such a way that the function and the legal correctness are guaranteed.
At the same time, we make sure that the procurement can be implimented as simply and cheaply as possible.

The advantages of  the construction through SHI Cable?

  • Fast turnaround time in the design
  • Compliance with standards
  • Standardization of the cables (on request)
  • Integrated know-how construction and purchasing = cost advantage
  • For globally active companies, we harmonize their global cable needs and thus substantially reduce their costs

What`s our approach?

  • Analysis of the requirement (with regard to standards, requirements, costs)
  • Determination / verification of compliance with the target costs
  • Construction, if necessary of alternatives
  • Upon request, creation of the shopping documents


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